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About Us

We strive to provide awareness, education, and professional consulting for the cannabis industry. Working with experienced industry professionals, our organization helps to foster an informed and positive community wherever medical or recreational cannabis is legal.    

Founded by social activists, each bringing their rich cultural heritage to the fold in San Jose, Silicon Valley, California, our team and network is excited and endeavors to work with cannabis organizations new and old! Together we can grow and evolve the green rush industry throughout the world!

About Us & Our Partners: About Us

Danny Gagaoin

Co-Founder and Director of Cannabis Education and Research

Danny G works with the Cannabis Learning EDU team as a writer, educator, researcher, content creator, and networker. Having worked in the cannabis and the hemp industries throughout the past decade in multiple roles including: a medical researcher for a cannabis doctor in California during the prop 215 days; a manager and educator at a cannabis dispensary; a cultivator and gardener for projects throughout the state including San Jose, Los Angeles, and a CBD hemp project in Fresno; and an activist fighting for equity and social justice surrounding the War on Drugs, he provides valuable real world cannabis experience to the team and to Cannabis Learning EDU’s mission. 

He possesses a passion for cannabis science, organic cannabis cultivation, and especially the medical side of how cannabis can help countless people. As a medical researcher working with a doctor at a renowned cannabis collective early in his career, he was able to see cannabis literally ease suffering, save lives, and provide a better quality of living to people stricken with debilitating illness. He saw firsthand how his favorite plant could help patients who suffered from Cancer, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and the list could go on.

In addition to his work as a scientist and researcher, Danny also has an extensive cannabis cultivation career having worked in multiple large scale gardens throughout the state of California. He has experience in Indoor Warehouse cultivation with hydroponics in San Jose and Los Angeles, High Tech Greenhouse settings in Los Altos, organic outdoor cultivation, and Large Multi Acre Hemp Agriculture in Fresno. 

His work with Cannabis Learning EDU provides the team an opportunity to share this valuable knowledge with the world which is indeed backed by science as the research library of our website shows. Hungry and driven to continue and further the medical cannabis movement, one of his lifelong goals is to help shatter the stigma surrounding the plant, and to help people realize how much cannabis can actually help the world! 

About Us & Our Partners: Welcome

Tracie Staten-Mirch

Cannabis? How did I get here as David Byrne of the Talking heads would sing, and sometimes I say to myself? How did I wind up as Chief Operating Officer of Canna Learning EDU? Take a trip with me, shall we? 

I was born into a military family in the Summer of Love, in New Jersey. There, I lived with my father who was stationed at the local military base, and my mother, a nurse who worked at the local hospital. I was born into a family that already included rowdy boys. Growing up with brothers teaches you a certain resilience, a toughness to fight. Because I always wanted to beat them, yet they were happy they taught me well. My father has always let me sit at his knee in his office and soak up whatever he was doing, as far as hiring me as his receptionist for his companies at a young age. This was my training ground. 

I landed my first corporate job at Atari! At 19 in Customer Service. This was during the height of the 2600 and 5200. When Silicon Valley was just the place you worked. I have worked for some of the legends of the valley also, like Acer and Applied Materials. The spent the last decade in the Liquid Crystal Display field in Sales, running U.S. based offices for Chinese and Taiwan entities. 

But I also love the Arts and music means everything to me. I attend a decent amount of concerts, plays, book readings, dances performances, etc. you name it. I am passionate about helping in any way I can, I even was voted on to City Lights Board of Directors from 2005-2009. It was a great experience, and also gave me insight into how structure needs to be. 

I also believe in helping my community and I am involved with my local NAACP. It is important to me to help the community succeed because I succeed. Period. It is me. And this is where the intersect of Cannabis and Social Justice intersect for me. People of color have been in the “business” of cultivating and selling Cannabis forever. Now that it is legal, they can’t get in, doors are closed to them. How is this fair? So that’s Part 1 of the answer. 

I used to be a heavy drinker, then one day, at 37, my pancreas said “Enough”. July 2006. I almost died. I spent 3 1/12 weeks in the hospital. The doctor gave me the hard truth, no more drinking forever he said. Forever. His cohort, who had been quietly in the corner, told me that since I was going to need something to get me to eat, I’ll need a medical marijuana card. And walked out. Say what? I did, haven’t had a drink in 14 years. I also have Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Had a stroke too.  I thank the Gods that Cannabis exist. There are times I am in so much pain and one puff, one drop, one gulp, something… can make it better. Answer Part 2.

I also have to mention that I have a rock of a husband of nearly 26 years that is amazing. 

I am here to educate, to advocate, to stimulate the knowledge and the rights to have access to it.  That is our goal here at Canna Learn EDU. 

About Us & Our Partners: Who We Are

Chantel Davidoff

Chantel is a passionate cannabis usage consultant and advocate for the cannabis industry with over 13 years of prior experience in the medical field. Born and raised in San Jose, CA she is fighting for medicinal access, recreational consumption, and the overall normalization of the cannabis plant.

From a young age, she became involved in the community as an activist fighting for social justice and change. During the course of her life she has participated in the American GI Forum - Generation X, City Year - Young Heroes & City Heroes and has volunteered at Sacred Heart Community Service since the age of 10.

Chantel had worked in the medical field for over 13 years before entering the cannabis industry.  A common trend she had found among many patients towards the end of her time in the medical field was many patients were requesting alternative options to opioids and were not receiving proper assistance. Many doctors and nurses are untrained on the benefits of cannabis and unable to offer any information. Patients began to come to her personally and confide in their use. By combining her love of helping others with her love of the plant she began to focus on cannabis usage consulting. By becoming more vocal with her own cannabis use more people began asking her for assistance. From that point, she was able to create her own list of clients. Starting with her family, friends, and coworkers she introduced cannabis and its byproducts into their daily routines. As their perspective of the plant completely changed, and they too became regular users and advocates, she knew she had found her calling. 

Her cannabis use began after having suffered for years with GI issues, anxiety, migraines and insomnia. With the help of cannabis she was able to get rid of not one, but two gallon-sized bags of medication. Her love for the plant grew as did her activism which led her to be a full supporter of medicinal and recreational cannabis usage. She began Hermanas Herbanas, Herbal Sisters in Spanish, with her sister in 2018. Although she began the organization with her sister, she wants everyone to know that no matter their race or gender they too are a Hermana Herbana. They created a space where they could express their love for the plant without judgment while creating a bond with others in the cannabis world.

Through the local cannabis community, she became involved with the equity group of San Jose and there she met two like-minded individuals. All feel a similar passion for cannabis while being able to offer their own value add, and from day one, the three core members came together and began Cannabis Learning EDU.

About Us & Our Partners: Who We Are
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