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Cannabis EDU

Cannabis Education for the World

Here at Emerald Heart we believe in providing factual and proper education when it comes to the subject of cannabis. One of our goals is to help demystify and dispell the ignorance that has driven prohibition and the War on Drugs for so long. By providing open sourced information, medical and scientific research, and educational workshops for individuals and groups from all walks of life, we believe we can help grow and evolve the young cannabis industry and the social movements that have helped bring us to where we are today. 

Our Cannabis EDU section of our website, along with our research library and blog will be updated regularly to ensure that we all stay informed as to the latest advancements in cannabis news and science! 

Cannabis Basics

Cannabis Science

Hemp is Cannabis

How To Use Cannabis As A Medicine

Medical Cannabis Research Library

Prohibition & War On Drugs Research

Looking for education on cannabis cultivation? Check out our Cultivation Corner coming soon!

Cannabis EDU: About Us
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