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How to Use Cannabis as a Medicine: Gallery

How To Use Cannabis As A Medicine

Cannabis Capsules and Pills, Edibles, Juicing Raw Cannabis, Tinctures, Topical Lotions and Creams, The Patch, and Smoking vs Vaping Flower

Disclaimer: Our research library and the articles on this site are not a substitute for professional medical advice. While the papers, studies and patents presented here are educationally eye-opening, please consult with your primary healthcare physician if you are considering trying cannabis for your condition. Feel free to share this information with him or her, but always seek out multiple educated and informed opinions when it comes to your health. 

The Medicine In Cannabis

It is important to provide a bit of a different perspective of marijuana than what you might initially be used to - moving past the concepts of reefer and mary jane, dro, homegrown, fire stash for you friends and squad, sweet sensimilla, purps by the pound, and all that loud - what we have when we’re instead looking at cannabis from a medical and scientific standpoint is an herbal plant remedy that contains a number of compounds and chemical constituents that act in therapeutic concert when consumed in either aerosol form (smoked/vaped), orally ingested (edibles/pills/tinctures), topically applied (cream/lotion/patch), and even with rectal insertion (suppository). The medicinal compounds in question that come from the cannabis plant include: Cannabinoids, which are contained in the trichomes of the cannabis plant; Terpenoids, which are the oils that may also be inside the trichomes as well as cover the surface of the flowers and leaves; and Flavonoids, which are compounds that help determine the pigmentation of the plant, but that scientists are only now heavily researching and looking into. It is important to remember even when deconstructing cannabis into its different parts for study and classification purposes, that the entire plant itself is an amazing medicinal herb. While it is true that much of the potent medical compounds lie in the flowers, there are still practices that date back thousands of years where various parts of the plant are used for therapy. When it comes to actually discussing the medical potential of the plant, however, it is vital to restress that cannabis is a multifaceted herbal plant remedy that can treat multiple symptoms across a multitude of ailments and diseases; however, it is not an outright cure, but rather a powerful and versatile treatment tool that has virtually zero lethality. 

Suffice it to say, these various compounds of therapeutic potential can be consumed directly from the plant, extracted and made into concentrates, and even processed in various culinary or chemistry methods to make an infinite variety of medicines which can be orally ingested - foods, tinctures, pills and capsules can easily be manufactured. Topicals, which contain extractions of these compounds and are often mixed and concocted with other herbal ingredients are also useful in a medical setting. Last but not least, suppositories provide a method of consumption and dosing for those who cannot ingest or inhale the medicine. 

This article and page continues further in the following subsections:

Main Page - The Medicine In Cannabis

Flower and Plant Material - Raw Juicing and Smoking and Vaping

Concentrates - Smoking and Vaping

Edibles, Capsules and Pills, Tinctures and More 

Topicals, The Cannabis Patch, And Suppositories


Written and Organized by 

Danny Gagaoin

Cannabis Education and Research Director

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