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Cannabis Law

The cannabis industry and the "green rush" is an exciting and fresh new world that is growing and evolving in ways few could have imagined even just a few years ago. However, Cannabis Prohibition and the continued War on Drugs has claimed countless victims (and it still does to this day), and they have caused small businesses and new startups unnecessary problems that make it difficult to operate fairly even in legal markets. Furthermore, ignorant and dated policies make medical research problematic and cause societal harm - innocent medical patients across various life-threatening ailments find safe access to medical cannabis an unfortunate challenge in many parts throughout the world. We at Emerald Heart understand these obstacles and as activists strive to fight against the injustices within the young cannabis industry and movement.    

We invite you to connect with our expert legal counselors for advice on your cannabis related case. Whether you are an individual victim of the War on Drugs, or an interested party or cannabusiness, we will ensure that you will receive the best protection and representation. Contact and work with us!  

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