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Other Medical Cannabis Resources

Below is a list of other organizations, websites, and resources on all things medical cannabis for those who need them:

Society of Cannabis Clinicians  - 

Educational nonprofit comprised of physicians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing research and spreading knowledge about cannabis for medical use.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA & ASAF)  -

Advanced Legal Medical Marijuana Therapeutics and Research.  Large and longtime organization advocating for medical marijuana research and legal safe access for patients. 

Patients Out of Time  - 

Medical cannabis awareness and educational advocacy group based out of Virginia. They offer medical education to health care professionals and are a good resource for medical patients who want to delve into the cannabis world.

Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA)  - 

Medical Cannabis activism group with a focus on informing veterans and the military about the positive benefits of cannabis. News outlet for veterans.

American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA)  - 

Organization of pro cannabis nurses that advocate for education and proper medical usage. They also have a healthcare professional course.

NORML  -   

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Longtime legal activism organization that has and continues to help change the cannabis world.

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